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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jewel of the Pacific (book 3 in the Dawn of Hawaii series) by Linda Chaikin

Jewel of the Pacific is the third and final novel in the Dawn of Hawaii series by Linda Chaikin and it did not disappoint!  Read below for the book synopsis and my review.

From the Back Cover:
The fire that almost ended Eden's life has put an end to the promise of marriage.  While saving Eden, Rafe lost not only his eyesight, but also his independence, his determination, and his pride.  In a short letter, he ends Eden's hope for happiness.  Hurt and angry, Eden sails to the leper colony on the island of Molokai where her mother is suffering. 

During Eden's year-long absence, Rafe seeks medical care in San Francisco and eventually regains his sight.  Returning to his coffee plantation on the Big Island, Rafe find the beautiful Bernice Judson waiting.

This is the year of decision.  Hawaii is on the brink of revolution.  The anti-Royalists threaten to depose the Hawaiian queen and bring the Hawaiian Islands under the Stars and Stripes.  Eden must choose a side in politics and where to put her trust.

Will Eden discover the painful lesson God wants her to learn?  And will she ever find healing for her broken heart with or without a life that includes Rafe?

My Review:
Rafe and Eden struggle a lot in this final book making you wonder if the two of them will ever find a way to be together.  Their relationship has seen many ups and downs because of the difficulties that they themselves created.  There are a lot of great life lessons to be learned through all of the characters' difficult trials that they have endured.  Many of the characters battle with telling or concealing the truth, and I appreciated that the author showed the importance of telling the truth in spite of the consequences.  Linda Chaikin does a great job wrapping up this series.  All of the different loose ends are neatly tied up as this story comes to a close.  This whole series has been quite enjoyable to read and one that I think others would love to have in their library as well.

***I received this book from Moody Press in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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