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Friday, July 25, 2014

Hawaiian Crosswinds (Book 2 in the Dawn of Hawaii series) by Linda Chaikin

Hawaiian Crosswinds is the second book in the Linda Chaikin series, Dawn of Hawaii.  Read more below about this exciting series and find out what I thought about book 2.

From the Back Cover:
Torn between family loyalties, political ambitions, and their commitment to each other, Rafe and Eden must fight to protect the people and place they care about so deeply.

The year is 1892 and the small island nation of Hawaii is in turmoil.  Rafe Easton and a small but influential band of Hawaiian patriots are quietly pursuing annexation to the United States out of concern that the monarchy will fall to a less noble power.  But Rafe is not the only one with secrets.  And as political tensions mount, some of the island's most prominent families are faced with revelations that could unravel everything--the future of the country and Rafe's future with his beautiful and beloved fiancee, Eden Derrington.

Just as the enemy of righteousness stalks his prey, danger prowls Hawaii's beaches and pineapple plantations.  The man who murdered Rafe's father now threatens his mother and adopted son.  And Eden is compelled to join her leper community--a community that shelters the mother she never knew.
Will their own love survive?

My Review:
In this second book of the series, the twists and turns in the plot do not let up ending in quite the climax!   This book will keep you reading into the wee hours of the morning....I should know.   Linda Chaikin has again done a wonderful job in weaving her story.  The history is informative and the storyline is enjoyable.  And again I so appreciate her use of Scripture.  She comes right out and states what she believes through the dialogue of her characters.  Usually, I find that authors are pretty vague about the doctrines of Scripture with their characters, especially when it comes to an actual point in time when they trust Christ and turn from their sin.  The characters have always had some connection with God, but it is vague and emotional.   This series will one that I keep in my library for sure.  And I'll definitely be looking for other books by Linda Chaikin.  You can see her other novels here at her website.

***I received this book from Moody Press in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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