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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Born of Persuasion by Jessica Dotta

I picked up this book by Jessica Dotta, Born of Persuasion, since it was on the Tyndale Summer Reading Program list.

From the Back of the Book:
The year is 1838, and seventeen-year-old Julia Elliston’s position has never been more fragile. Orphaned and unmarried in a time when women are legal property of their fathers, husbands, and guardians, she finds herself at the mercy of an anonymous guardian who plans to establish her as a servant in far-off Scotland.

With two months to devise a better plan, Julia’s first choice to marry her childhood sweetheart is denied. But when a titled dowager offers to introduce Julia into society, a realm of possibilities opens. However, treachery and deception are as much a part of Victorian society as titles and decorum, and Julia quickly discovers her present is deeply entangled with her mother’s mysterious past. Before she knows what’s happening, Julia finds herself a pawn in a deadly game between two of the country’s most powerful men. With no laws to protect her, she must unravel the secrets on her own. But sometimes truth is elusive and knowledge is deadly.

My Review:
My initial response to the opening chapters I read was that this was going to be a great read.  Jessica Dotta has done a great job in crafting her words to paint wonderful pictures.  Her story is filled with intrigue and the mystery that is unfolding is captivating.  My enthusiasm waned when Julia encounter some compromising situations with a "gentleman."  While the scenes that were described show the true character of this man, I didn't really care for my mind to dwell on them.  When I pick up a Christian book, I'm looking for something that is in accordance with Philippians 4:8--true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and worthy of praise.  This kind of tainted the book for me.  However, I will say that the mystery not only picked up pace at the end, but is definitely compelling me to read the next book.  I'm hoping that the next book isn't filled with more compromising circumstances because I was really impressed with her writing skills.   If it is....I'll probably be done with this series.

**I checked this book out from my local library to read for the Tyndale Summer Reading Program.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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