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Monday, June 10, 2013

Win Books on Goodreads and Library Thing!

Did you know that Goodreads has giveaways on their site?  I just won my fourth book today and that is only after a couple of weeks.  They have all kinds of books listed for giveaways so you'll have to browse through the listings if you're looking specifically for Christian Fiction or some other genre.  After you enroll on their site, head over to where it says Explore and click on the down arrow next to it.  Then click on giveaways where you can sort through the book giveaways by ending soon, most requested, popular authors and recently listed.   These books are only giveaways and do not require a review.

Another great site where you can win some books is Library Thing.  After joining Library Thing, look on the right side of the website and find where it says: The June ER Batch is up! We've got 2,865 copies of 106 titles this month. Take me to the books!  Click on Take me to the books.  In order to participate in the Early Reviewers program, you need to click join on the right side of the page.  Once you've put in the information they need and clicked submit, then you can go through the book list and click request for the books you are interested in.  You'll know if you've been chosen to review at the end of the current month when they send you an email.  The books change each month and you only have to give a review on their website that has a 25 words minimum.  I've won many great books from this site too!
So head over to  and Library Thing today and you may win some great new books to enjoy this summer!

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Diane Estrella said...

I had not heard of Library Thing. Thanks for sharing!

BTW-I have numerous book giveaways going on at my site if you want to stop over and take a look.

Also, I am hosting a "Best of Books" BlogHop if you'd like to check that out and sign up.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!!


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