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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter

Barefoot Summer is the first book in the Chapel Springs Series by Denise Hunter.  This was my first book to read by this author and I read her book in a day.  Loved it!  Below you'll find the book's description from the back cover, my review and a link to the author's website. 

Back Cover:
Madison’s heart has been closed for years. But one summer can change everything.
In the years since her twin brother’s drowning, Madison McKinley has struggled to put it behind her. Despite the support of her close-knit family and her gratifying job as a veterinarian in their riverside town, the loss still haunts her.
To find closure, Madison sets out to fulfill her brother’s dream of winning the town’s annual regatta. But first she has to learn to sail, and fast.
Beckett O’Reilly knows Madison is out of his league, but someone neglected to tell his heart. Now she needs his help—and he’ll give it, because he owes her far more than she’ll ever know.
Madison will do anything—even work with the infamous Beckett O’Reilly—to reach her goal. And as much as she’d like to deny it, the chemistry between them is electrifying. As summer wanes, her feelings for him grow and a fledgling faith takes root in her heart.
But Beckett harbors a secret that will test the limits of their new love. Can their romance survive summer’s challenges? And will achieving her brother’s dream give Madison the peace she desperately seeks?

My Review:
Like I said at the beginning...I read this book in one day.  Denise Hunter did a fabulous job with this novel.  Have you ever had a tragedy in your life so difficult that you thought it would be impossible to ever move past it?  One of the main characters in this book, Madison, has faced the death of her twin brother.  Unfortunately, I can understand this character since my own brother was killed in an auto accident 13 years ago.  He was only 20 yrs. old at the time....two years younger than me.  Life can be incredibly hard and cruel at times and there is no way to cope or deal with it unless you have Christ in your life.  Madison has to work through this in her life.  Her tactics of filling her life with everything but God are not working.
Then Beckett comes onto the scene and things get a little uncomfortable for Madison.  She blames him for her sister's disappearance and has let him have a piece of her mind only to find out that she has to work with him to reach the goal she's set for herself.  But Beckett has changed since high school and Madison is in for quite a surprise.
This book will take you on a ride from start to finish.  So be ready to not want to put it down!  The story line was great and moved well throughout the book.  I really appreciated this paragraph in chapter 32 where Madison is getting some advice from her mother.

"'You've always been afraid of feeling, Madison.  Sometimes those negative feelings are so strong, they're overwhelming, and its easier just not to deal with them.  But death is part of life.  Not my favorite part, not by a long shot.  But God does not owe us ninety years on this earth.  Life is a gift, however long it lasts.  It's God's to give and take away as He sees fit.  We go through life thinking we're entitled to our ninety, but we're not entitled to anything.  All we can do is trust that He knows what He's doing.  That He has a plan for all of us, and that no pain He allows in our life will go unused.  I suppose realizing that has given me a good measure of peace.'"

Wanting a good book to read during this summer?  Pick up Barefoot Summer.  It's a keeper!

About the Author:
You can read more about the author and other books she has written by clicking here to view her website.

**I received this book free from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review. 

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