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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Little Bunny's Bible by P J Lyons, Melanie Mitchel

The Little Bunny's Bible is a such a cute book with a fun little cover.   Read below about this new little Bible that would make a great gift for the toddler in your life! 

Book Description

The Little Bunny’s Bible is a soft, cuddly Bible that children age 2-5 can call their own. Throughout this plush-covered book, little ones learn that they’re loved and cared for by God as they hear about God’s faithfulness in stories from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. With sweet, rhyming text and colorful illustrations, this soft and cuddly character storybook Bible is sure to become a classic with preschoolers.

My Review

I thought that the cover on The Little Bunny Bible was really cute.  It is soft and cuddly.  Great for the little person in your life.  Each two page spread has a short little poem on the left-hand side and then a fun picture about the Scripture on the right-hand side.  I loved the art work.  The pictures are so full of color and really cute.  The Little Bunny's Bible covers the following stories: Creation (Gen. 1-2); Noah (Gen. 6-8); Daniel (Dan. 6); Jonah (Jonah 1-3); Christ's Birth (Mt. 1:18-24 and Lk 2:1-7); The Lost Lamb (Mt. 18:12-14); Feeding of the Five Thousand (Jn. 6:1-13); Jesus' Death and Resurrection (Lk. 23:44-24:8).  This would be a great gift to pick up for a toddler. 

About the Author

PJ Lyons received a Master's Degree in Writing for Children at Vermont College and is the author of The Little Lion's Bible, The Little Lamb's Bible, and The Wonderful World that God Made. She currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

***I received this book free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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