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Monday, January 14, 2013

Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble

I recently read Colleen Coble's book Tidewater Inn.  Libby Holladay and her friend Nicole were in partnership together for their business Holladay Renovations.  Their business is involved with restoring old, historic properties for clients.  Nicole happens to be out in the outer banks working to get things established with a client when she learns some very interesting news.  While at a local outer banks attorney's office she happens to mention Libby's name and come to find out, the attorney has been looking for a Libby Holladay.  Libby then finds out her dad who she thought had died long ago when she was five, had only died a month ago.  And with his passing, he left Libby some valuable land.  As you can imagine, Libby has a lot of digging to do in order find out the truth about her past.  Another shocking piece of information...Libby has a half sister, Vanessa.  Nicole says she is meeting Vanessa and sends Libby a link to the beach cam located where Nicole and Vanessa are meeting so that Libby can see Vanessa.  What Libby witnesses instead is the abduction of her friend Nicole!  Libby races to the outer banks to find Nicole and to discover the family she didn't even know existed.
Colleen Coble has written another fantastic novel, and I really enjoyed reading this book.  I like her style of writing and how she keeps things moving in her stories.  Her characters have depth and are really believable. The element of mystery is always intriguing in a storyline and I think that Colleen Coble succeeded in accomplishing that in this story.  I liked that the setting was in the outer banks.  My family took a vacation there not too long ago and it helped me identify with the area.  Colleen Coble's book will not disappoint, and I highly recommend this book!

***I received this free e-book from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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