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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Submerged by Dani Pettrey

Submerged is Dani Pettrey's debut novel in her new Alaskan Courage Series.  The story dives right in opening in the first chapter with a several key people from the community going in down in a sabotaged plane crash.  Of course, the residence of Yancey, Alaska have no idea that the plane was sabotaged.  The story centers around a girl named Bailey Craig, who has to return to Alaska (inspite of vowing never to return there) to attend the funeral of her Aunt who was in the plane crash.  Bailey still has strong feelings for a guy named Cole McKenna, but because of past mistakes is convinced that they could never be together.  At the same time of the funeral, more gruesome discoveries are made as divers are found dead.  This is a lot of death for one small town.   Bailey ends up staying longer in Yancey than expected adding her expertise to help solve the murder mystery in Yancey. 

LOVED this book!    It was REALLY hard to put this book down and didn't take long to read at all.  Dani Pettrey has done a fabulous job with her plot.  The line of logic in the story is easy to follow and the characters have backgrounds that are just as mysterious that add even more to the story.  This story includes some Russian history and I loved that since my parents were missionaries in Russia.  It was great how she intertwined that into her story.  I would highly recommend this book.  If you like murder mystery novels, make sure to pick this one up!
**I picked this book up at my local library!

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