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Monday, June 2, 2014

Deeper Than Red by Sue Duffy (Book 3 in the Red Returning Series)

Sue Duffy's last book in the Red Returning trilogy is out!  Deeper Than Red finishes the series well! Below you can read the information from the back cover, my review and find links to the author's page.  Also, Kregel is offering a special e-book price of $1.99 for each of the books in this series.  Plus during this week, each book will be offered for free on one of the days. (June 2-6, 2014)  Wednesday, June 4th--Sound of Red Returning is free.

From the Back Cover:
In this finale to the Red Returning trilogy, the plot to resurrect the Soviet Union takes a daring dive into the churning depths of the occult.
Concert pianist Liesl Bower has twice foiled the plot and is again in someone's crosshairs.  So is her musician friend Max Morozov, whose father was a Russian mole buried deep in Israel's Departmetnt of Defense--escaped back to Russia, or so it seems.
Now the conspiracy has snared twenty-year-old Tally Greyson, who's only trying to extract her mother from a colony of mediums in the Florida Keys.  How does that figure in to a Russian plot of subversion?  In a most bizarre way.  But under the balmy skies a hemisphere away from Moscow, an even deeper, darker force prevails, more ominous than the red menace of man's own evil.  And each player must choose where to place his or her trust--both for this life and the next.

My Review:
This series has been fun!  Anything involving spies, covert operations and the Russians has to be a good plot, right?  Sue Duffy wraps up her trilogy with her latest book, Deeper than Red.  Liesl just can't seem to be done with the spy life.  She is yet unknowingly still a target and all she desires is to get on with life.  I think Sue Duffy did a great job wrapping up all the loose ends and putting a finale to her series.  I didn't walk away feeling like the story was left undone.  The twists and turns in the story were again great making you wonder who was really behind the newest plot.  Sue Duffy kept the story line alive and moving all the way throughout the book.  So, if you're looking for a fun exciting series, make sure to pick up Red Returning trilogy this summer.  You can read my review of Book 1--Sound of Red Returning here and Book 2--Red Dawn Rising here.

About the Author:
You can read about Sue Duffy on her website and find out more about her other books by clicking here.

**I received this book for free from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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