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Monday, February 25, 2013

Threads of Grace by Kelly Long

Threads of Grace is the third book in the Patch of Heaven Novel series by Kelly LongSarah's Garden (book 1) and Lily's Wedding Quilt (book 2) are the first two in the series.  Grace Raber was a such a young girl at eighteen when her parents made arrangements for her to marry a widower, Silas Beiler in order to settle a debt with him.  He was a cruel, angry man, but Grace couldn't bear the thought of disgracing her family especially her dad.  So, she consented to the marriage to save her family.  His cruelty was unimaginable and Grace survived it for many years until her husband passed away after 8 years of marriage.  The only good that came of her marriage was a her son, Abel.  Recently widowed, she and her son left Ohio and headed to Pennsylvania to start a new life, one that was free of bondage.  Upon reaching Pennsylvania, Grace is noticed by the young Seth Wyse.  He is very persistent and she tries to avoid him.  Her heart can't handle anymore heartbreak and men are not to be trusted.  Unfortunately, Silas' brother, Tobias Beiler has Silas' will which says that if she doesn't marry 6 months after Silas' death, then she, her son and Silas' inheritance all go to Tobias.  Tobias is just as cruel and Grace is determined to keep Abel safe.  When Seth offers to marry her to keep her safe from Tobias, she must choose to belong to another man or to run.

My heart was sad as I read this story.  There was so much grief involved in the story line that I just wanted to get the book read and review it.  Maybe because I've had sad things in my life too, I really don't want to read about them. I know that we all go through difficult times and this is a good story about how the grace of God is at work in lives to comfort and guide us throughout life....even when things are bad.  This is definitely not the typical Amish story since the early characters are pretty awful.  I will say that this is a well written book, but be aware that the story is on the sad side of things. 

***I received this free book from Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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