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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Yankee in Atlanta by Jocelyn Green (book 3)

Do you enjoy reading historical fiction novels about the Civil War era?  Then this is the series for you!  Jocelyn Green has a series called Heroines Behind the Lines that is just fabulous.  I just finished her third book, Yankee in Atlanta, and enjoyed every bit of it!  Find out why I think this is a book that need to be a part of your library!

From the Back Cover:
 She hid from her past to find a future--and landed on enemy soil.
When Caitlin McKae woke up in Atlanta, the Georgian doctor believed Caitlin's only secret was that she had been fighting for the South disguised as a man.  In order to avoid arrest or worse, Caitlin hides her true identity and makes a new life for herself in Atlanta as a governess for the daughter of Noah Becker--on the brink of his enlistment with the Rebel army. Though starvation ruled and Sherman raged, could she keep her vow not to run again?

My Review:
 Much like the other books in this series, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this third book. Jocelyn does a great job weaving together a believable story that will draw you in and keep you captivated. I liked the characters in her book, and thought that they each demonstrated growth throughout the story. The way Jocelyn portrays all that people went through during the war helped me really understand and imagine what it would of been like to live during that awful time of history. I enjoyed reading her additional notes included at the end of her book stating what was fiction and what was actually from history.  You can tell she does a lot of preparation with the history of her novels, and I really appreciate that. If you're looking for a great series to add to your library, pick up the Heroines Behind the Lines series. You can read my reviews of her other two books by clicking on the titles, Wedded to War (book 1), and Widow of Gettysburg (book 2). Be sure to check back to read my review of her Fourth book in this series, Spy of Richmond!

***I received this book free from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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