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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Art of Losing Yourself by Katie Ganshert

A new book has graced the shelves since April, and I was able to finally read it.  The Art of Losing Yourself is Katie Ganshert's newest book. I have enjoyed her other books and was excited to read this newest one.

About the Book:
Carmen Hart is a local meteorologist for the panhandle of Florida. She takes pride in the fact that she can predict the weather and that to everyone around her, her life seems perfect.  The only problem is that things are not perfect and are heading on a fast track to disaster.  Her years of miscarriages are eating away at her and causing her to pull away from the man she loves.  In the midst of this crisis of marriage and wanting a baby, Carmen's half sister, Gracie Fisher, shows up needed help. Carmen feels overwhelmed but knows that she must take Gracie in and help her. Can God help heal broken hearts and restore broken relationships?

My Review:
Katie Ganshert's novel is painfully truthful. She expresses the emotions of her characters well and has written a story that is true to life.  I myself have experienced miscarriages...5 of them to be exact. It is an emotional rollercoaster.  One that you have to fight the fear of never being able to have kids and to learn that you must trust an almighty God who has a perfect plan for your life.  I would continually remind myself that my babies were His and that He loved them even more than I could. I can tend to hold things in so I related a lot to Carmen.  She tries to make everyone think she's got it all together, but deep inside she is fighting doubts and fears. The story was interesting going between the two sisters, and it was fun to see the characters develop throughout the story.  The story did leave me thinking that there must be another novel coming out about these characters.  At least I'm hoping so!  There were too many loose ends that didn't get tied up! If you're looking to read a more deeply, moving novel, then make sure to pick up The Art of Losing Yourself!

You can read more about the author by clicking here: Katie Ganshert.
And by clicking here you can read the Prologue and First Chapter of the book.

***I received this book free from Waterbrook Press in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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