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Monday, November 28, 2016

Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus AND Candle Day by Day Bible in a Year by Juliet David and Jane Heyes

Kregel has published two new different products from the Candle Day by Day series by Juliet David and Jane Heyes.  The first is this new little gift book that retells the story of Jesus in 40 days.  Each day you'll find one of the many stories of Jesus as told in the Gospels paraphrased by the author along with a cute, colorful picture.  A key verse is also presented from where the story originates in Scripture and then a question is asked pertaining to the story. This book is intended for ages 5-7 yrs old. 

I thought that the book was a good size for a gift book.  The illustrations are colorful and interesting for kids to look at.  The stories are pretty simplistic, and personally, I think my preschooler could go through this book without any problems. There are some stories you may feel that you need to add to the story from Scripture and some that you may need to clarify. The story of John the Baptist is one of those stories you will need to clarify.  Here is what the book said about John the Baptist.  "Many people said they were sorry for the wrong things they'd done. John baptized them in the River Jordan.  He dipped them under the water. When they came out, they felt as if they had been born again." (pg. 15)  John did come proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. John was calling people to repentance and to turn to God and then to show that repentance through baptism.  I don't like that this section makes it seem as though the baptism is saving them... thus the author's phrasing "born again"and that it was a feeling they got.  So I would caution you should you choose to use these materials to read them before reading them with your kids.


Secondly, Kregel has also released the Candle Day by Day Bible which is now in a spiral bound desk calendar format.   This product begins with the Old Testament and the beginning of creation and continues all the way through ending with Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem (days 1-244).  Then is picks up with the New Testament  beginning with Zechariah and Elizabeth and ends with Paul returning to Rome and living under house arrest (days 245-365).
If you are already familiar with the Day by Day Bible, then you'll recognize the stories and pictures in this product.  The desk calendar is well made and will be sturdy with all the daily use.  Like I said about the above product, I think that the wording isn't the greatest and can be pretty weak theologically. The stories are pretty simplistic and watered down. So maybe this might be a product that is used as a springboard for talking about the stories, but make sure to read the actual story from Scripture so that you can fill in what you need to.

***I received these complimentary materials from Kregel Publications.  I was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are my own.

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