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Friday, September 16, 2016

In the Field of Grace by Tessa Afshar

In the Field of Grace, is a novel about the life of Ruth and Boaz and what a beautiful story it is.  Tessa Afshar has done a fabulous job re-telling this story in novel form.  Find out why this book should be on your shelf.

From the Back Cover:
Love resurrected from lifeless dreams happens in the arms of a loving God. Without wealth or family, the widow Ruth left her people and followed Naomi, her beloved Hebrew mother-in-law, to rebuild Naomi's home in Israel.  Provisions gone and starvation at the door, Ruth used all that she had left--a strong back and a willing heart--to gather grain in a field, abandoned after the harvest.
Tormented by others, Ruth is shocked to find the owner of the field watching her. Talking to her. Bringing food to her and Naomi. Boaz tells himself his kindness toward Ruth is repayment for the love she has shown to his cousin Naomi. But his heart knows better.

My Review:
This was such a fun read. I really had a hard time putting it down. I love how the story brings out the  cultural things we really don't think about as we read the Biblical narrative.  It makes you stop and look again with fresh eyes as you read the account in Scripture. Of course, she takes some liberties adding in the parts we aren't told in Scripture. But much of the book, she has done a great job keeping true to the original account. I enjoyed her writing style and thought each chapter was compelling me on to the next. I'm excited to see what other books I can read by her.

***I received this book free from Moody Publishers (River North) in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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