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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Daisies are Forever by Liz Tolsma

Liz Tolsma's newest book is out!  Daisies are Forever is now available for your reading pleasure. If you enjoy WWII historical novels, then this book is for you!  Read below about the book and find out what I thought of the book.

About the Book:
This story takes place in Germany at the end of the war in 1945.  With the Russians getting closer, Gisela knows she, her grandfather, her cousin Ella and two small children must leave Heiligenbeil and try to make it to safety in the West.  Gisela knows that to stay would mean unmentionable horrors and most likely death.  When Ella refuses to leave and begs Gisela to take her two little girls with her to Berlin, Gisela knows she must go for the girls' sake.  During the trip to Berlin Gisela and the girls encountered hardships beyond imagination and she wonders whether they will make it their in one piece.  While on the way there, Gisela over hears a man dressed in a SS officer's uniform, but notices that he speaks German with a British accent.  For unknown reasons, she jumps to his aid when the German refugees begin asking too many questions stating that she is his wife.  Mitch Edwards now joins Gisela's little group and together they try to help each other on the dangerous journey west.  But will they be able to keep up this little ruse without anyone finding out the Brit's real nationality?

My Review: Daisies are Forever is during the same time period that the first book Snow on the Tulips takes place--the end of World War II. (You can read my review of her first book here.)  The difference is that while Snow on the Tulips takes place in the Netherlands, this story takes place right inside of Germany.  Each of these books are stand alone novels and do not need to be read in order.  When thinking about World War II, I've never really thought about the war from the perspective of Germany's citizens.  All I've ever thought about Germany was how horrible Hitler was and that it was a good thing we defeated him.  But there were so many innocent people inside of Germany that were treated violently even though they were not in support of what Hitler was doing.  This story will help you imagine what the people of Germany suffered under Hitler's wicked leadership.  Liz Tolsma has done a wonderful job in recreating a compelling story with vivid scenes that will paint quite a picture for your mind.  So make sure to pick up this great book of historical fiction and think about World War II from another perspective!

***I received this free book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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