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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No Way Out by Susan Sleeman

Susan Sleeman has a new novel out in the Love Inspired suspense line of books.  No Way Out (featuring Cole Justice) is the third book in her series The Justice Agency.  Her first two books were: Book 1 – Double Exposure (featuring Ethan Justice)  and  Book 2 – Dead Wrong (featuring Kat Justice).  She has two more books coming out in October 2013 : Book 4 – Thread of Suspicion (featuring Dani Justice)  and in 2014: Book 5 – Desperate Measures (featuring Derrick Justice)
You can visit her site to read about all of her Justice Agency books here.

No Way Out is described as a riveting inspirational romance and that it is!  When Alyssa Wells goes for a jog one night, she accidentally overhears two men talking about her husband, a police officer who died while on the job.  After the investigation into her husband's death, all evidence pointed to him being a dirty cop. One of the men she overheard was her husband's partner and a supposed friend.  Alyssa is astounded when she hears that her husband may have been framed and then realizes that she had better get out of there before the bad cops know she heard them.  When she trips and falls, they begin pursuing to see who it is that may have overheard their conversation.  Alyssa takes cover, and happens upon a member of the Justice family, Cole.  Not knowing who she can trust, she is cautious when he says he can help her.  Cole's family actually runs a private investigation agency out of Portland.  Alyssa cautiously agrees to have them help her out.  She has to do what she can to protect not only herself, but especially her kids.

No Way Out is definitely filled with suspense! The story line keeps you turning the pages wondering if the mystery murder will be solved without more harm coming to Alyssa, her kids and the Justice family.  Alyssa and Cole both have a lot of hurdles to overcome in their lives.  The author does a great job progressing them through the struggles that are holding them back and brings them out on the other side as someone who is all the better for having faced the difficult life circumstances.  I enjoyed reading this murder mystery book.  It's not long and can be read in a day or two easily.  If you're looking for a fun book to pick up and read this summer, consider Susan Sleeman's newest book.  You'll probably be looking up the rest of the Justice Agency books to read about the other siblings too.

**I received this book free from Susan Sleeman in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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