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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Courting Cate by Leslie Gould

Courting Cate was a joy to read.  From the first chapter the author had me laughing quite a bit.  Cate is a feisty girl who is convinced that everyone is out to make her the brunt end of their jokes.  She's convinced that no one really likes her and that all the boys just want to date her beautiful sister, Betsy.  Cate has had a hard life.  After her mother died when she was young, she had to practically raise her infant sister.  Since Cate has sworn off getting married and is always buried in books, her father makes an edict that Betsy can't get married until Cate does.  As you can imagine, this makes for quite a bit of tension between the sisters.  When a young, handsome guy named Pete Treger shows up, Betsy thinks there might be hope that she'll get to marry after all.

Leslie Gould does such a great job.  The situations she has Cate in at the beginning of the book are rather humorous.  I usually don't read Amish books, but this one is a keeper.  Cate has to learn a lot of hard life lessons to rid her of her harsh, stubborn ways.  I love the part in the story when she finally sees what she would be like if she continued down the path she was choosing.  The path would end in a very sad life.  Seeing the error of her ways, she makes a pivotal choice to turn and embrace what God would have for her.  After this choice, there is quite a change in Cate.  A change that everyone can see.  If you have a chance, pick this book up. You won't be disappointed. 

**I recieved this book free from Library Thing in exchange for an honest review.

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