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Friday, August 31, 2012

I Exalt You, O God by Jerry Bridges

I just finished reading Jerry Bridges' book, I Exalt You, O God.  This book is a 31 day devotional that is divided into 4 different sections--the Greatness, Holiness,Wisdom and Love of God.  Each day has a devotional thought and then concludes with an example of how to use Scripture in your prayer life.

I appreciate Bridges' use of Scripture.  He gives abundant support for each of his points as he describes the Greatness, Holiness,Wisdom and Love of God.  Sometimes we can lose that sense of awe and wonder about God since we rely heavily on what we can see and touch.  Bridges describes worship as "an overall way of life" but it can also mean "a specific activity." (loc. 72 in the e-book version)  We are pretty aware of specific activities of worship (Sunday morning), but our overall way of life doesn't always reflect worship of God.  "If we aren't spending time daily worshiping God, we're not apt to contribute to the corporate experience of worship.  If we aren't worshiping God during the week, how can we expect to genuinely participate in it on Sunday morning?  We may indeed go through the motions and think we have worshiped, but how can we honor and adore One on Sunday whom we have not taken time to praise and give thanks to during the week?" (loc. 178 in the e-book version)  What a convicting thought!  I know for me with 2 small kiddos in the house, worshiping God with time in the Word is a huge challenge.

If you want to be inspired with some easy reading that will make you ponder the Greatness, Holiness, Wisdom and Love of God, pick up Bridges' book.  It will also give you a great example of how to use Scripture in your prayer to God.  What a better way to pray using God's own Word.

**I received this e-book free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing company in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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