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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander

I'm so excited to tell you about this great book I just finished.  This book is another historical fiction book...I just love this kind of book.  You can read a great story and learn some interesting historical facts a long the way too.  The book is set in 1866 and follows a young girl named Claire who is an aspiring painter.  She begins her journey in New Orleans and then travels up to Nashville, Tennessee.  As she seeks to distance herself from her family's past misconduct and make a new start, she encounters a life changing decision she must make....coming clean about her past life or trying to hide it.
I really enjoyed this book!  Tamera Alexander did a great job pulling me into her story line and keeping me interested throughout the entire book.  The book talks a lot about the art world and I found that very interesting.  Majority of the book is centered around a huge mansion called the Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee.  Tamera Alexander describes the scenes well and makes you feel as though you are right there.  The characters learn so much through their journey, and many of their life lessons are difficult ones that they must overcome.   I would highly recommend this book! 
**I received this book free from Library Thing's Early Reviewers Program in exchange for an honest review.

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Danmark said...

This is a well developed story about a young woman who was forced to do something she knew was wrong for what seemed to be the right reasons - her mother was dying and they needed the money. When she wanted to stop her father kept threatening her. She finally gets out from under his thumb but her fear of her past continues to haunt her. Mrs. Acklen sees something in her and works to build her confidence as Sutton falls in love with her. The love story builds slowly and truly until Claire has to reveal her past.

The characters are very well developed and I find that I want to know more about them. This is the first in a series and I am very much looking forward to the successive tales. I enjoyed reading about Nashville and the Belmont Mansion and most especially about Mrs. Adelicia Acklen - she must have been a force of nature!

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